Netizens think former S.M.ROOKIES member Lami is getting ready to promote as an actress under SM Entertainment

It’s believed that former S.M.ROOKIES member Lami has begun preparations to promote as an actress under SM Entertainment.카지노사이트

According to netizens on an online community on December 7, SM Entertainment has added a new artist to its lineup of actors recently. An alleged profile document seen below indicates that Lami is listed as an “actor” at SM Entertainment using her given name, Kim Sung Kyung. Another page of the profile documents lists Lami’s profile information, as well as her past productions.바카라사이트

Many netizens commented,

“Seriously?? Lami???”
“In the end, Lami is debuting at SM??”
“I’m so glad Lami is debuting TT.”
“Oh wow she’s totally going in the acting route.”
“Her given name is more suitable for acting promotions. Lami is such an idol name.”
“I hope she does well as an actress!”
“”””””””””””””””Actress Lami…”
“This is great news TT.”
“She’s still so pretty~” 온라인카지노

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